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Little Leg Up
Web Consulting and Website Building

Empower local community

Using (affordable and clever) technology

Web Consulting Website Building

Web Consulting and Website Building for the Community

Your business might be small, a non-for-profit or fighting for big dreams with a humble budget. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on the power of modern technology.


Dealing with technology and change can be frustrating. That’s why I make myself available to meet with you in-person, to discuss and understand what drives your business and how we can tackle relevant challenges.


Working alongside you

Throughout each project we work closely together: you as the expert of your business domain and me as the technical expert.


Local community

I feel tremendous joy in participating in my local community. The impact I’m able to make to assist people around me is what drives me to do the best job I can.


Here are some of my favourite web projects that I’ve had the privilege to deliver. Each project was a collaborative effort combining my technical knowledge with the organisation owner’s business requirements.

Melbourne Swing Festival 2019

A community-run international swing dancing festival powered by volunteers with a passion for jazz music and dance.

Work done includes:

  • Website building

  • User experience design

  • Search engine optimisation

Picture Moments Photography

A local family business spreading joy with professional studio, family and pet photography with a dash of art and fashion.

Work done includes:

  • Website building

  • Writing content (copywriting)

  • Online brand perception

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About Me

The Theory

Here’s a thought - something I’ve been scratching my head about for a long time. Why is technology so expensive and frustrating for small organisations to use? Why does it feel like only large corporations have access to modern tools and I.T. talent? And why does technology often make daily activities harder rather than easier?

The Motivation

I want to work exclusively with small or ethical organisations. You get up each day and pursue a dream. You don’t always have the time or extra energy to deal with technology and its hurdles. But you also need to compete and be the best possible representation of your organisation that you can be.

That’s where I come in.

Why I’m Doing This

You already know the importance of a great online presence in this day and age. You also know how satisfying it is to grow and develop your organisation positively. I love the feeling of helping small organisations get a head start, in the best way I know how.. I get to work with organisations from diverse fields and I feel it’s a privilege to do work that is ultimately people-focussed. It’s a wonderful sense of fulfilment!

So let’s put our heads together and find some inspiration using technology.

What I Offer

Website Building

Online Brand Presence

Website Building

  • Mobile friendly, online-payments, unrestrictive

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Google Search and Maps

User Experience Design

  • Usability, functionality, art

Digital Copy Writing


Digital Content Writing

  • Wordsmithing, writing and communications

Digital Marketing

  • Customer outreach, perception and retention

Email calendar bookings customer database

Admin Automation

Fewer apps, working together better

  • Condensing email, calendars, bookings and customer databases to free up admin time

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Get In Touch

Ready to explore what the path forward might look like?

Email me here and I’ll be in touch to answer your questions.

Please feel free to include any questions you might have.