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On the community level

Websites, Copywriting and SEO

Your website is the face of your organisation

It connects you with your audience, and every word counts.

What I Offer

Website Building

Website Building

  • Using the Squarespace and Wix platforms

  • Tailored to your specific market and audience

  • People-friendly design

Digital Copy Writing

Online Writing

  • Website and marketing writing

  • Social media content creation

  • Finding a voice and tone for your business



  • Improving Google search results

  • Understanding marketing channels

  • Targeting social media referrals

Your business might be small, a non-for-profit or fighting for big dreams with a humble budget. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on the power of modern technology.

I work with small businesses and organisations to develop an online channel with their customers.

Every organisation I work with has unique needs so there are no cookie cutter solutions. But there are tried and true places to start and budget draining pitfalls to avoid. I avoid recommending fancy tools that are expensive and impossible to maintain long-term. Instead, I focus on affordable and clever solutions - getting you value back for what you’re spending.

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What You Can Expect



Dealing with technology and change can be frustrating. That’s why I make myself available to meet with you in-person, to discuss and understand what drives your business and how we can tackle relevant challenges.


Working alongside you

Throughout each project we work closely together: you as the expert of your business domain and me as the technical expert. After all, nobody knows your audience better then you.


Local community

I feel tremendous joy in participating in my local community. The shared journey fulfils me and helps drive me to do the best job I can.


Here are some of my favourite web projects that I’ve had the privilege to deliver. Each project was a collaborative effort combining my technical knowledge with the organisation’s understanding of their audience and needs.

Melbourne Swing Festival 2019

A community-run international swing dancing festival powered by volunteers with a passion for jazz music and dance.

Work done includes:

  • Website building

  • User experience design

  • Search engine optimisation

Picture Moments Photography

A local family business spreading joy with professional studio, family and pet photography with a dash of art and fashion.

Work done includes:

  • Website building

  • Writing content (copywriting)

  • Online brand perception

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About Me

I’m a Melbourne local who’s active in the local community.

I’ve worked at both ends of the IT spectrum. I decided though, that it’s the small scale and everyday people that inspire me most.

That’s why I believe in working closely with my clients, being transparent (the way technology usually isn’t), and being someone small organisations can depend on.

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